The 100th Post | My Favourite Bloggers

This post marks my 100th post on Call Me Amy which has come round so quickly! Seeing as reading other blogs was the reason I started this one in the first place I thought for this little milestone on my blog I'd do a round up of my all time favourite bloggers! Hopefully you'll find some new reads! (Blog names are clickable links).

Hannah Gale
Hannah's blog was one of my earliest discoveries and it was her writing style more than anything else that drew me in. She's honest, witty and so down to earth all in one. Her blog really does have it all - her content is always on point, she's an amazing writer and her personality comes across wonderfully. Plus who doesn't love a good list?!

Holly Loves the Simple Things
I've only recently started reading Holly's blog, but it was so captivating that I had to go back and read all of her older posts too! Her style is amazing and her photography along with the whole aesthetic of her blog is just beautiful. Her posts tend to be short and sweet as she lets the photography do the talking which is really quite refreshing!

Style Sunrise
I've been reading Karen's blog for a while and hers is one that made me finally start my own - thanks Karen! I love that she covers a wide range of themes and it always seems like her posts are always really thought out. She comes across as so down to earth and her writing style somehow manages to make you feel like you're having a two way conversation rather than just reading a blog.

Fi's Little Blog
Fi's blog is another fairly recent discovery, but I instantly knew that it would be a long term read! Her posts are so easy to read and her photography is so clean (if that's a way to describe photography - it's a compliment I promise!). Also her blog layout and whole blog aesthetic is just beautiful, plus she seems so down to earth (can you see a theme running through the blogs I read?!).

So there you have it! I hope you've found some new reads - let me know if you have any recommendations of blogs I should be reading! 

Amy x


  1. Oh my god! Thank you, I just stumbled on here to get some good recommendations and then I find myself displayed! This has made my day! (Am now doing slightly too many exclamation marks!)

    Thank you again!

    Fi |

    1. Aw glad you are pleased! Love reading your blog so it was a no brainier to include you! X

  2. Oh and I agree with Holly's blog, it's a recent discovery of mine and am obsessed with the fact she's only 17 and how beautiful her fashion photos are. Like a professionals

  3. I adore Fi and Karen already such sweethearts I will check out the others now <3 xx

    1. Yeah they are great! Let me know if you like the others :) xxx


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