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So a couple of weeks ago when I was at my parents' house I discovered my teenage diaries. I kept a diary pretty religiously from the age of 12 until I was about 17. I got quite engrossed in reading them and boy are they a laugh. So as embarrassing as it may be, I thought I'd share some snippets on here because, well hopefully they'll provide you with a bit of a laugh! I'm going to do this date throughout the years (or roughly as I didn't write every single day). Enjoy!

Lots has gone on. Starting from where I left off, Emily fell asleep when she was supposed to be getting married! Oh well. On Sunday I rode Prince which is good, but we had a crap teacher who didn't let us jump high. On Monday it was boring old school so obviously not much happened there. On Tuesday night we went to the cornfield to play spin the bottle and I had to kiss Walter 3 times luckily not full on! On Wednesday not much happened. On Thursday at school it was a really strange day. We had Pat. A. Toes for P.S.E and she made some of us clean her lab and some of us go to the pond to relax. Me, Jodie, Ni and lots of other people didn't want to do jobs so we legged it down to the pond. We stayed there all lesson even after the pond people had gone in. Then in P.E. we had to clean another teacher's lab. I got to clean the naked model of a man and Emily's class were all laughing at me washing his bum because they were in the room opposite. On Friday not much happened. 

I've been riding and I rode Gem. She was a bit crazy because we were jumping in the field, but at least she didn't refuse. At dinnertime Bethany choked on a crisp so she was a bit sick. She's OK though. I think I like Andrew a bit, but he is a townie, but he's really nice.

I am all of a sadnosity. I just had my last ever paintbrush-a-go-go lesson. I really wish I'd taken it for GCSE but I also wanted to take drama and history. Ah well, life will always go on. Unless you die.

On Friday we went to Flamingo Land which was ACE!!! We went on cooely bum rollercoasters and stuff. We went on the log flume and got soaked! Twas fun! Then we saw Greg when we were very wet aw bless him he's really cutesk. He said bye to me and nodded and smiled! That means nothing but it was cute! Anyways...then it was the leaving in the morning! Aw it was sad! Everyone was crying. Miyu gave me a cute note and a 100 yen coin and a Japanese drama! Yummi gave me a cute note. Aw it was so sad, I miss them all lots. Then I went to the beach with Rach, Livi, Katie and Candase. Twas fun. Then I went to Rach's house dressed up in 60's gear for her party. Twas cooool! 

Shopped today.
Lovely stuff :)
Rachael is going out with Sam.
Also lovely stuff :)
I am craving maleness of some form.
Not a boyfriend though.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post as I'd love to embarrass myself even more and do it again! Did you keep diaries when you were a teenager?

Amy x

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