Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion

In the past couple of years I've become a lot more conscious of looking after my skin in the sun - once upon a time I would have happily worn no suncream on a sunny day in the hopes of getting a tan, when in reality my pale skin just couldn't handle it and would end up a nasty lobster coloured mess. Now I always wear SPF and don't sunbathe so my only option if I want to have a bit of bronze in the summer is to fake it up. 

I bought the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion (why always such long names?!) after I went swimming with a friend who had an amazing natural looking tan which she told me was down to only one use of this! I'm a fan of gradual tanning moisturisers rather than full on fake tan just because I'm less scared of it!

I was so pleased that the scent is exactly the same as the normal cocoa butter moisturiser from Palmer's - not only is there zero fake tan smell, but there's that scrummy chocolate smell instead! Even though this is a gradual tan I still apply with a mitt to save my hands from going orange. It doesn't dry straight away, but I've actually put clothes on when it hasn't dried yet and it doesn't make it go streaky. I think this is the first gradual tan that I've used successfully (ie no streakage) and it gives a really nice colour. I wish I'd done a before photo so I could show you the difference! It really does only take one application to see a difference as well, although I've been using it every other day to maintain it. 

If you're a gradual tan lover then I would definitely recommend this product as the best one I've tried (and that's a fair few!). Have you tried this tan? What did you think? Any other gradual tanning recommendations I should know about?

Amy x

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