Friday, 31 July 2015

High Street v High End: Nail Varnish

 This month I'm comparing nail varnish - although these are very similar colours I'm mainly going to compare longevity and formula. Read on to find out which one wins!

High Street: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Coconut - RRP £3.99

Like pretty much everyone else I love Barry M nail varnishes - they really are my go to nail polish brand. This is such a good colour for summer and I love how much it stands out because of the shine. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the formula of Barry M nail polishes - it's quite thick so you never need more than two coats for an opaque finish. I do find this one takes a while to dry, but seeing as I usually apply my nail varnish while I'm watching TV it doesn't really bother me that much - I just wouldn't recommend this as one to apply right before leaving the house! I find the longevity of Barry M polishes quite impressive for the price - I'd say on average I get about three days of wear before any chips. 

High End: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Load - RRP £14.50

This colour is a bit more of a creamy yellow, but is just as perfect for summer as the Barry M offering. This is the first Illamasqua nail polish I've tried and I'm pretty glad that I managed to pick it up in TK Maxx as I would have been disappointed if I'd have paid full price. The formula is quite thin and runny, which means it tends to gather at the edges of your nails. To stop that happening you have to apply a really thin layer and I found I needed at least three coats for an opaque finish because of that. The longevity is similar to Barry M - it was three days before I saw any major chippage.

Winner: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine. This was a pretty easy decision - a better formula for less than a third of the price? Yes please! 

Have you tried either of these nail polishes? What did you think?

Amy x


  1. I love Barry M nail varnish and I much prefer them to nail varnish from expensive brands because they don't live up to it, especially if the brand doesn't specialise in nail varnish.
    -- // courtney xo

    1. Yeah I totally agree! Barry M are definitely my favourite brand for nail varnish!

      Amy x

  2. I love reviews like this; especially when High Street wins! Plus, that color is perfect for summer :)

    Maggie Dickman

    1. Thanks! Yeah I love it when high street comes out on top - and so does my bank balance haha x


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