Everyday Favourites

It's very rare that I mention those faithful (slightly less interesting) products that I use every single day and constantly repurchase. Here is my round up of those not-so-fancy but oh-so-useful products that I rely on 365 days a year.

Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash | Let's begin with the first product that I use each morning! This is my favourite body wash - the tiniest bit of product foams up and expands enough to wash your entire body with. The lathering is insane and I always feel so clean and refreshed after using this each morning! I haven't got a favourite scent yet, I like to try different ones each time. 

Mitchum Deodorant | There isn't much I can say about this except that it works and really is the best deodorant I've tried! It can be a bit more pricey than others but I try to stock up when it's on offer (which it is now!) usually £2.00 in Boots.

Schwarzkopf got2b Texturizing Salt Spray | I use this pretty much every day to give my hair a bit more volume and life and it works a treat. I've pretty much given up hairspray since discovering this product too as I find it keeps waves and curls in place so much better and looks more natural at the same time. £4.19 here.

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid | I picked this up in my skincare haul last month and it's become an everyday essential because it's the first facial SPF that hasn't broken me out - and it's SPF50! It smells really good, has a slight tint to it and really makes me feel protected from the sun. £15.00 here.

Lush Vanillary Solid Perfume | This has become my everyday perfume. Because it's in solid form you can control how strong the smell is and I prefer a subtle scent for everyday wear so this is just perfect. It's ideal to carry around in my bag and it smells amaaaze for summer too. £7.00 

What are your everyday favourites?

Amy x


  1. I didn't know any of these products. Thanks for sharing!
    The Color Palette

  2. I have the salt spray but never really reached for it. This post has made me want to try and use it again to add a bit of volume to my hair!

    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

    1. Oooh glad it's inspired you to use it again! Hope you get on well with it! X

  3. That solid perfume sounds great & super affordable.
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // x

  4. I love that salt spray although I often get carried away with it and end up with stiff hair haha!


    1. Haha I make that mistake sometimes too - crispy hair! Xx


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