What's In My Beach Bag?

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I spent last week in Cornwall. I bought the most dreamy rucksack for the occasion so that I'd have a bag that was easy to carry around and that could fit everything in that I would need for the day. So I thought I'd show you my new dreamy bag along with my beach/holiday essentials that I carried in it!

The bag in question is this one from Asos, which isn't really the most serviceable but I just love it! Moving onto what I kept in there:

Purse - obvs. This (also suede) purse was from Topshop. I was actually really annoyed that I splashed out on this because it ended up being in the sale for less than half the price! But my last Topshop purse lasted me years so hopefully this one will too. 

Phone - also obvs.

Lip Balm - currently I'm using the strawberry lip butter from The Body Shop which smells amazing!

Lipstick - I don't really wear make up on holiday, but I like to have a few lipsticks in my bag so I can quickly make myself look a little bit nicer if I need an appearance pick me up! In my bag were Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Pomegranate, Soap and Glory's Motherpucker Lipstick in Super Nude and Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint. 

The Body Shop Coconut Hair Oil - This is perfect for the beach because it helps tame frizz and flyaways - it's literally the laziest and easiest way to make your hair look OK!

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water - this is perfect for warm weather because it's so refreshing to just spritz on - it makes you feel cleaner and fresher!

Lacura Antibacterial Wipes - I threw these in thinking I wouldn't really need them and then a bird pooed on my hand...boy was I glad I packed these!

Soap and Glory Hand Maid - hand sanitiser for the beach is a must especially if you're eating - there's nothing worse than sandy sandwiches!

Lush Sesame Suntan Lotion - this is only SPF10 so I apply a higher SPF in the morning and then use this for top ups during the day because it's a really handy size to carry around. 

Comb - because mermaid hair is great if you can pull it off. Otherwise...you need a comb. 

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream - I always carry hand cream in my bag whether I'm on holiday or not and this one is my favourite ever. 

Hair Tie - for if the comb and hair oil fail me. I also like to tie my hair up if I'm going in the sea in a vain attempt to get it less wet. 

Medicine purse - my little portable drugs purse always comes on holiday with me - in it is ibuprofen, gaviscon, rennie, hayfever tablets and plasters (plus for some reason I took a separate box of plasters with me too...)

And that's it! I did have an umbrella in there too at the beginning of the week, but once the weather had proven itself to be beautiful I left it behind! What are your beach/holiday bag essentials?

Amy x


  1. I want to try that fresh air toner. I just need something to spritz on my face to cool me down.

    1. It's really nice! They do others too but that ones my fave x

  2. LOVE body shop for essentials and the coconut hair oil is perf although I get a little OTT and apply a lot haha, love that purse too very cute! Jealous you went to cornwall I love it! xxx

    1. Haha yeah I've made that mistake! Cornwall was so dreamy it's amazing I wish I lived closer :( xxx


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