Is it just me or is New Look just so on it at the moment? I can't go in without spending and unfortunately I can usually justify it seeing as it's also pretty affordable! I picked up these trousers a few weeks ago and they're perfect for summer - comfortable, cropped and with the cutest floral print. I just so happened to find the perfect matching vest at the same time and my Primark sandals make yet another appearance in a blog post!

Trousers - New Look (current but not online)
Vest - New Look 
Shoes - Primark (current)

I'm not really grumpy by the way, just squinty in the sun! 

Amy x


  1. I absolutely love those trousers! I agree, New Look is definitely on it at the moment! So is Primark for shoes, those are lovely!


    1. Aw thank you! They're so comfy too I love them. Primark is def on it for shoes I've bought all my summer shoes from there!

      Amy x


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