Sunday, 24 May 2015

Interiors | Clock Wall

A slightly different post from me today - I wanted to show you my favourite feature of our flat, which as you may have guessed from the post title is a clock wall. The idea first came about because we couldn't agree on a clock we both liked for the flat (of all the things to not be able to agree on ha!) and we also had this big bare wall in our kitchen that needed something doing to it. So our clock wall is a mixture of clocks we've chosen together as well as ones we've picked up on our own and I can't wait until we actually own a house that we can put them all in - I'm imagining having them all up the stairs - dreamy.

From left to right: Argos / Wilko / Gifted Sainsbury's / Lincoln Christmas Market / Red5 / Asda / Charity Shop / Tesco / Asda / Tesco

Our clock wall is a constant work in progress and we're always looking to add to it so this is by no means the end result! What do you think of this idea? Which clock is your favourite?

Amy x

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