Buying High End on a Budget

There are so many high end products that I would just love to try, but as I'm sure many of you can relate to, I just can't afford to spend all that money! It's so easy to pick up a drugstore product and not worry about the fact that you haven't tried it properly because if it doesn't work for you then at the end of the day it hasn't broken the bank! However I know I would be gutted if I spent £20 on a product and I didn't like it. So I bring you my best tips on buying high end products when you are on a budget:

1 - Samples samples samples. 
If you ask for a free sample at a counter, you will usually get one. This works in the brand's favour as well as yours if you end up buying the product! Every counter I've been to and asked for a sample has given me one and they usually give you enough so that you can try it enough times to know whether the product works for you or not. This is vital if you are buying high end on a budget as it helps weed out the products that you don't really want at all. 

2 - Free makeovers.
Similarly to free samples, getting a makeover at the beginning of the day and wearing the look for the rest of the day helps you decide whether you really want a product. This is more helpful with eye make up and lipsticks, as those are the items you probably won't be able to get a free sample of. Once you've had your makeover you can decide whether you like the products and you can also test out longevity. 

3 - Points cards.
It's well worth getting a points card from Boots and Superdrug. I tend to use my Boots card more as you get more points for your money (4 points for every £1 you spend). Having a points card means you can save up for something you really want and buy it with your points instead of shelling out the cash. Be careful that you don't just spend for the sake of saving up your points though! 

4 - Offers.
High end brands quite often have offers in certain stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser, which will usually be a free gift/s when you buy one of their products. It's well worth waiting for an offer to come along so that when you make the splurge you end up getting another high end product to try for free!

5 - Think about it.
This means absolutely no impulse buying. It's easy to lust after a product you've seen on your favourite blog, it's easy to be taken in by sales assistants who are paid to try and make you buy things, but it's really important to not buy a high end product without really thinking about it first. Important things to think about are do you really need it? will you use it often enough? do you actually really really like it? 

6 - Once you have it, look after it!
If you spend your money on a high end product that you've decided you really want, then make sure you look after it, whatever it is!

I hope some of these tips are helpful - let me know if you have any others!

Amy x


  1. I definitely agree with all this although I am always too scared to ask for samples haha, I love getting makeovers done although I 100 percent buy WAY too much after. I love collecting points and using myunidays when I am out or my NUS, but online top cashback all the way xxx

    1. Yeah totally agree - I missed those out haha. I always feel a bit cheeky asking for samples but i always remind myself that brands don't mind as long as you are genuinely interested in buying something afterwards and not just after freebies! Xxx

  2. I'm so scared asking for samples, but now I've learned to ask for really specific samples. For example, I'll ask "do you have any samples of moisturizer that is good for oily skin?"

    1. Yeah I would only ever ask for a sample of something specific that I was thinking of buying anyway!

      Amy x


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