Makeup Revolution Haul

I'm about to say something that might shock you - I've never tried Makeup Revolution until now. I don't know why, as I've heard so many good things about their products and they're so affordable. So I leapt at their recent Valentine's Day offer which included 6 free lipsticks with any spend over £20! Here's what I bought:

Essential Mattes 2 Palette

I've heard such good things about the Makeup Revolution palettes and I was tempted by some of the more colourful ones, but I'm a neutral girl really so I know I'll get so much use out of this. Some of the lighter colours don't really show up in the swatches, but that's the type of subtle eyeshadow I love the most!

Vivid Baked Highlighter - Golden Lights

This is sooooo pretty. I'm a bit obsessed with highlighters at the moment because I'm craving a spring glow, but I don't actually have a powder highlighter so I thought I would add this one to my collection!

Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray

I don't ever reapply makeup during the day because I don't usually have time and I forget until I look in a mirror and think 'ewww'. I've tried this out a couple of times now and I'm pretty happy with the result - my makeup has definitely stayed in place for longer.

Ultra All Day Prime and Anti-Shine Balm

I'm a bit of a primer obsessive and I especially like ones that you can wear on their own on a good skin day. When I saw this online it reminded me a bit of Benefit's Dr Feelgood so hopefully I've got a bit of a dupe on my hands...

Pro F102 Concealer Brush and Pro F105 Contour Brush

I'm trying to broaden my brush collection at the moment as I use my fingers to apply make up quite often, but find that my base looks more flawless when applied with brushes. These are two I thought would be good to add to my collection.

Now onto the free gift! This was 6 of the I Heart Makeup lipsticks, which I've swatched below. The colours look a lot nicer on lips than they do in the tube as they don't come out as bright as they look. The pinks will be lovely to see me into spring.

From left to right: Irregular Heartbeat, Racing Heart, Heart is Pumping, Beating Heart, Heart Attack, Rising Pulse.

I also got sent a free sample of the I Heart Makeup Wow Lipgloss in Watch Out World. I love the colour of this, it's quite bright, but can be toned down or built up into a bright colour depending on what you're feeling! 

Have you tried any of these products? What would you recommend from Makeup Revolution?

Amy x


  1. I love Make up rev and really want to try a matte shadow set as I always wear shimmer and feel like it's getting monotonous. I think their lipsticks are the best value xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. The matte shadow sets are such good value and so lovely for everyday I haven't stopped using it since I got it! Would definitely recommend :)

      Amy x

  2. Definitely want to get my hands on these stunning MRV!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. oooh i love the look of that palette and the highlighter!

    from helen at

    ps. win the rose gold GHD styler and hairdryer on my blog here!

    1. The highlighter is soooo pretty! And the palette is great for everyday :)

      Amy x


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