Homemade Tea Light Holder

My inspiration for this came from Lincoln Christmas Market where there was a stall selling old wine/spirit bottles decorated with paper like this with fairy lights inside. They were super cute, but the cheapest was £25, which I thought was rather steep! So I thought I could probably do one myself and decided to do a candle holder rather than a bottle because as cute as they were I'm not sure I really want an old wine bottle as an ornament!

What you will need:

- A plain tea light holder/glass.

- Paper - I'm not 100% sure what this paper is called, it's like thick tissue paper with a slight pattern to it, but you can pick it up in most craft shops. 

- Scissors.

- PVA glue or similar. My glue came with a brush but if yours doesn't you will need a brush also.

How to:

1 - Cut two squares of paper that are a bit bigger than what you would need for half of your candle holder. 

2 - Coat your candle holder with the glue using a brush.

3 - Stick one sheet of paper onto the candle holder diagonally. Stick the other sheet on the opposite side. 

4 - Stick down all loose edges either underneath or tucked inside the candle holder. Make sure they are properly secured inside - you don't want your paper burning the first time you use it! If you can do it neatly then cut at the top instead.

5 - Wait for it to dry and then voila! 

Have you done anything crafty recently? If so leave your links below! 

Amy x


  1. That looks so cute, what a gorgeous effect when lit- might have to give this a go myself when I am feeling bored over a weekend xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Yeah it's super easy and quick to make 😊 let me know if you give it a go!

      Amy x

  2. Such a cute idea :)

  3. You are so cute and can see that all these tiny things make you happy. Thank you for sharing with us :) Liuba x


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