High Street v High End: Primer

This is another new feature to my blog - in my last post of each month I will be reviewing and comparing two different products that claim to do the same thing - one high street and one high end - and share with you which one I think is the best. This month I will be comparing two primers that both claim to minimise pores. I have quite large pores on my nose which I hate so if either of these products actually do minimise them then great!

High Street: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser - RRP £7.99 for 22 ml

When I tried the tester of this in the shop on the back of my hand it both felt and looked amazing so I had to get it. It makes my skin super soft and it not only minimises the look of my pores, but it also evens out my skin tone, which makes for a great primer. The only criticism I would have about this product is that you have to be careful about how much you apply because a little too much actually makes your face quite slippery (if that can be used to describe a face!) which makes it a bit difficult to apply the rest of your make up. But even just a tiny bit makes a real difference so I can definitely see myself adding this to my everyday make up routine.

High End: Benefit the POREfessional - RRP £24.50 for 22 ml

I've only got the sample size of this that you get in kits, so it's good that I'll get to try this one out before deciding whether to invest in the larger size. I was quite surprised to find that this is slightly coloured rather than clear, which is nice as it really evens out skin tone, to the point where I could see myself wearing just this and concealer on a really good skin day. It also had better staying power,

Winner - Benefit the POREfessional. This is the clear winner, however it is rather a hike in price and I really would recommend both products as they are both good at minimising pores.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?

Amy x


  1. Great review Amy! I've only tried the Benefit porefessional but i've wanted to try the Baby Skin for a while! Porefessional is a great primer but it's pretty pricey for everyday wear, so I might have to invest in the Baby Skin for everyday occasions!
    Love, Jessica x

    1. Thank you! I would definitely recommend baby skin as an everyday alternative for porefessional, think I'll be using baby skin for everyday and saving porefessional for special occasions! Thanks for reading!

      Amy x


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