Operation Christmas Jumper

Way back in September I made the mistake of complaining to my boyfriend that I was bored when he was at work. The result was a challenge from him - to knit him a jumper for Christmas. I had never knitted anything before never mind a jumper, but with the help of Youtube I taught myself the basics and practised by knitting a scarf and a phone cover. By the time I'd finished those it was mid-November and I really didn't think I would manage to finish a jumper in time for Christmas, but... by spending literally all my free time knitting and not getting enough sleep it was ready and wrapped for him on Christmas Eve!

I'm super proud but also a bit disappointed as I'm sure you can see from these photos that it is absolutely huge! We can both fit in it which makes for a very cosy hug, but I can't imagine he'll actually be wearing it outside of the flat!

I found lots of knitting patterns were very difficult to follow, even the ones claiming to be for beginners. You can find the one I used here which is by far the simplest I've seen and is the one I would recommend if you fancy giving it a go for yourself! Although do be careful with the sizes as I knitted a medium and it's like an extra large! I suppose I'll have to find another craft to do in my spare time now so watch this space!

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