Birthday Advent Calendar (week three)

My birthday advent calendar is nearly finished now - but then it's Christmas! I've had a truly spoilt December. This is week three:

14th December - this cute little notebook. Perfect to keep in my bag for jotting down ideas when I'm on the go. 

15th December - you can't have too many pairs of socks for the winter months. I think it'll be two pairs of socks weather soon! 

16th December - sticky notes. This is a rather fox themed week! 

17th December - Le Syrup de Monin in gingerbread - think I'll be getting my coffee machine out of the cupboard to make full use of this! Lovely and Christmassy. 

18th December - fox socks! Love these. 

19th December - Nivea Pure & Natural hand cream. I literally just ran out of hand cream so this was the best thing I could have got!

20th December - chocolate :) apologies for the appalling photo, I was in a rush! (to eat my chocolate ha ha) 

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