Saturday, 22 November 2014

Homemade Gift Tags

I'm not usually one to get excited about Christmas so early, but this year I've got the festive bug well in advance thanks to a trip to a very Christmassy Meadowhall. I like to add a bit of a homemade touch to Christmas presents (and when I say homemade you can definitely always tell when something is homemade in my case) and this year I've made my own gift tags.

I love Christmas shopping - I like searching for gifts that my family and friends will really like, but I usually fall down when it comes to wrapping because I spend so long searching for the presents that it ends up being rather last minute and I end up grabbing whatever is left in the shop. The reason I chose gift tags to make is because my usual style is to write the recipient's name in black marker pen straight onto the wrapping paper! Hopefully people will notice the difference this year.

So this year, as I've got most of my shopping done ridiculously early (stress-free December for me!), I've got plenty of time to wrap them all nicely too. I got some festive red wrapping paper from Wilkinsons for £2 and bought some coloured card for 85p to make my gift tags with.

The gift tags didn't take long to make at all - I just cut out some Christmas shapes (the fish is relevant to the gift rather than Christmas!) then sewed names into the card and added a little bit of glitter nail varnish to the edges. A really cheap and quick idea that just adds a little bit extra to my gifts even if, as my boyfriend put it 'they'll get scrumpled up and thrown in the bin straight away!' My presents for everyone are now tucked in a little corner wrapped and ready to be opened on Christmas day!

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