This week has seen a return to that time of year when you can't get away with only wearing a cardigan outside (believe me, I speak from experience). My usual habit is to wait until the January sales to buy a winter coat when I'll go straight to Topshop, having already picked the one I want weeks previously!

This year however, I found this gem in Asda for £32 - cheaper than anything I could buy in the Topshop sale and I get to wear it all winter long.

I love wrapping up and red and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations so I taught myself a new skill and knitted this red scarf for winter.

I also found a blue check scarf from H&M at the back of my wardrobe from a couple of years ago that matches perfectly.

On really chilly days I wear a faux fur headband, which I love and is really warm!

I find that having the perfect winter outfit makes the cold days much more bearable. I look forward to wearing these every time I go outside!

I hope you've found your winter favourites - I'd love to see them so share them with me in the comments box!

I'm wearing:
Coat - George at Asda
Check scarf - H&M
Red scarf - homemade by me
Faux fur headband - Winter Wonderland Christmas Market
Polka dot trousers - Sainsbury's
Shoes - Primark

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